Pharmacist Turned Marketing Expert

Right after graduating from Pharmacy School with my Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree, I began working in the Pharmaceutical Industry. My head was full of clinical data, and my heart was full of the desire to practice good medicine. Then reality hit me squarely between the eyes. I quickly realized that decisions weren’t made rationally, even in Medicine! That’s when I became curious about what drives human desires and behavior, and I fell right into a career in marketing.

Decisions not rational!

After 15 years leading marketing for pharmaceutical products, I learned that excellent marketing is simply an open and honest conversation between two people: Someone with a need or desire, and someone with a potential solution. That’s it! It isn’t about playing games, or spinning information, or convincing people to buy. I could even argue that we are “marketing” all the time, whether we know it or not (but that’s another conversation for another day).

Marketing is simply an open and honest conversation between two people.

The principles of marketing and human behavior don’t change much, but the way we engage in the conversation changes, and it has changed. A LOT! It can be overwhelming for even the biggest businesses with huge marketing budgets. The key to marketing success isn’t finding some new fancy tactic, but having a solid, well thought-out strategy. And that’s what Forlight Marketing does best.