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Marketing Mastery Strategic Plan Package

Get a Custom Plan that Gets Results!

Take the guess-work out of your marketing with a customized strategic marketing plan. We will help build a marketing plan that will get you the results you want, and will make your competition irrelevant. Never again buy in to marketing tactics that sound good but don’t pay off. With your own custom marketing plan, you will know exactly where to put your time and money for maximal return on investment.

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What is included in the Marketing Mastery Strategic Plan?

Customer Interviews

We will conduct in-depth interviews with 8-10 of your ideal clients to determine buyers journey, pain points, goals & desires, and what makes you different. The interviews will be recorded and you will receive full transcripts as part of your marketing plan.

Competitive Research

Full detailed report for 3-5 of your key competitors. You will receive high level summaries including their position in the market, where they win, website ranking factors, social media engagement and reveiws.

Ideal Customer Personas

We will build a full and detailed personal for each of your ideal customer segments. These personas include demographic and identifier overview, priority initiatives, success factors, perceived barriers, buying process and decision criteria. This is a critical step in the marketing plan, and is the single most important piece for developing relevant content.

Core Message

We will help you develop a clearly defined unique core message that sets you apart from your competition.

Marketing Hourglass

Content is King, and the key to successful marketing is to create content that is relevant to your ideal customer at every stage of the buyers journey. The Marketing Hourglass will ensure that all of your content gaps are filled, so you can be the best resource for your customers. Together we will build the content needed for each stage of the Marketing Hourglass: Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat and Refer.

Content Calendar

We will build our a marketing calendar for the full 12 months. So, there will be no question what you will need to focus on to grow.

High Level Strategies

We will deliver 4-6 of your highest level strategies, including detailed tactics to help you achieve your objective. Also included will be resources, contact information, and budgets.

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Just fill out our Signature Brand Audit survey, and we will set you up with our complimentary 30 minute consultation. The consultation will help determine if the Marketing Mastery Strategic Plan Package is right for you, and you will walk away with three specific recommendations for your business.

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