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What is Online Reputation Management?

Customers Leave and Read Reviews Online

10 years ago, people had to rely solely on the opinion and recommendations of friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues when they were doing research on a business, a product, or a service. Over the past decade, we have become more connected and more conversations are happening online than ever before.

Your Online Reviews Influence New Customers

That means the thoughts, ideas, opinions and recommendations from all over the world are at our fingertips...thank you Amazon! For your business, this means reviews and comments about your products and services are online and they have the power to influence prospective customers to buy or not to buy. 

People Trust Online Reviews

72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family.

Online Review Sites Are All Over the Internet

Sites like Yelp, Facebook, YellowPages, Foursquare, and Google allow visitors to post a review of your products and services...whether you signed up for a profile or not. 

Online reputation management is simply becoming aware of the reviews that exist for your business, responding to reviews that you receive (regularly), having a system that asks new customers to submit a review (in a way that makes it easy to do so), and making changes to your business as a result of the reviews you receive.

Are You Aware of All The Reviews That Exist For Your Business?

You Need Tho Have Reviews Online. Here's Why.

Recommendations and endorsements from others is only one reason why online reviews are important. But did you know that Google and other Search Engines consider online reviews (having them vs. not having them) as a factor in your search ranking? It's true, according to a survey done by Moz, online reviews account for almost 10% of your Google search ranking.

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While we are discussing the importance of online reviews to your local SEO (Search Engine Optimization, aka Ranking), be sure to claim your Google My Business Page.

That same survey by Moz shows that almost 15% of your search ranking is determined by what is happening on your Google My Business page!

Claim Your Google Business Page here.

Here is some good info on how to set up your Google Business Page.

The Google Business Page is increasing in popularity as a place to leave business reviews…and these reviews show up right on the search page. If you have 5 or more reviews posted on your Google Business Page, then your star rating shows up in the Google Maps section of the search page. Need any more reason to claim your page and get control over your business information? I doubt it!

Set Up A System To Get More Reviews From Your Customers
Unhappy Customers Tell More People

It is a sad fact that people are more likely to leave a negative review when they are dissatisfied than they are to leave a positive one when they are extremely satisfied.

But don’t let that deter you, because there are positive reviews out there just waiting to happen, you just have to ask for them. review your business, service, and products can mean the difference between a future customer choosing you over a competitor. Some tips for encouraging customers to leave reviews: 

  • Collect customer emails- this way you can ask for a review via email which is only one click away from an online review
  • Set up a system that reminds you to email your customers at a logical timeframe after their purchase (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • Give your customers time to get the full experience, but not too long that they forget some of the details
  • Make it as simple as possible for your customers to leave reviews (include a link to the review site, send them reminders, etc.)
Effectively Manage Negative Online Reviews

Our clients often say they are worried about asking for reviews from their customers because “What if they get a negative review?”

There is something about getting a negative review that awakens our inner, angst-ridden, pre-teen. We get it, no one wants to be in such a vulnerable position, but don’t let this middle-school fear get in the way of your asking for reviews.

Especially if I getting reviews influences your getting found online. Aside from not asking, the two worst things you can do about negative reviews online are: Not responding and responding defensively or in anger.

Negative Reviews Impact Buying Decisions

4 out of 5 consumers have reversed a purchase decision based on negative online reviews.

Check Your Online Reviews

[VIDEO] How To Respond To Negative Reviews Online and Come Out On Top

Online Reputation Package

Let us create an automatic system that gets your business more online reviews and helps improve trust and search engine visibility!

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