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Seeing Fewer Patients Because of COVID-19 Fears? Get Ahead With These 5 Marketing Tactics

Use Your Time Wisely and Productively

With more schools, jobs, and events being canceled or postponed by the day, you may eventually find (or are already seeing) fewer patients coming in for chiropractic care. Whether it is fewer new patients starting care, or fewer visits from existing patients the lower volume of visits might leave you with some extra time on your hands. While you can’t control what your patients decide to do about their care plan, you can use the time to come out stronger after COVID-19 runs the course. 

Shift Your Focus to Marketing Tactics on the Backburner

To come out ahead, shift your focus to those marketing tasks you have been putting off because there hasn’t been enough time up until now. Focusing on marketing now won’t bring patients into your office immediately, but it will work in your favor to attract patients once life gets back to normal.

Here are five marketing tactics that won’t take much time but will have a big impact on your practice volume after COVID-19 challenges are in the past.

Write Some Blog Posts

As healthcare practitioners, it is your responsibility to share your knowledge and leadership in the face of community health challenges. So, take this time to share what you know with those who need to hear it. Consider creating a blog post about what patients can do to maintain a healthy immune system. Here’s the link to access a blog post we wrote for our clients. Feel free to use it as a basis for your own post!

Or you can use this time to create the content that might be missing from your website. We often find that basic information about back, neck, and shoulder pain, headaches and sciatica are missing from chiropractor websites. Potential patients are looking for this type of information so they can decide what steps to take to improve their health and eliminate pain. 

Post on Social Media or Respond to Posts on Your Page

Up until now, you have probably been ignoring your social media pages or you have been relying on staff or agencies to manage it for you. Now that you might have some breathing room, take the time to check out what is being posted and who is responding to your posts. You can even respond to those posts with the hope of striking up a conversation with current or potential patients. 

We know that the best engagement comes from personal interactions with followers on social media, and engagement is what social media is all about!

Create Videos

Some statistics show that 80% of people prefer to watch a video to consume information as opposed to reading articles (or long posts like this…). Video is also one of the fastest ways to generate trust with your current and potential patients. 

Our smartphones have made it so easy to create and share video content. Just take a couple of minutes to brainstorm some questions that your patients commonly ask, and shoot some video of you answering these questions. These videos can be shared to social media, YouTube, and directly to your website. 

If you’re having a hard time thinking of topics, need help with a script format, or would like some guidance on how to prepare for a video, we put together a resource for chiropractors HERE

Complete Staff Training

You probably have a list of topics that you would like to share with the team or training your staff. It can seem impossible to find the time during the business of the normal daily routines to set aside time for valuable training and education. If you find that the patient volume slows in the coming weeks, there might be some time in the schedule to tackle some of these important topics. 

If you find yourself in the position of having to close the office, you can always have remote meetings with your staff using webinar services like Zoom. Some services like these have introduced free or greatly discounted services to meet the need of businesses who have been forced to operate remotely. 

Another option is to create on-demand training on certain topics and send them to the team for them to watch on their own time. Services like Loom are great for this type of remote training. 

Educate Via Webinars

Training and educating remotely is not just for staff! You can do the same educational content that you would normally do live in a workshop, remotely via webinar. Who knows, maybe potential patients in your community might be looking for other content besides the 24-hour news cycle and TikTok videos. The best part about running webinar-based workshops is, if you record them, you can use them over and over again.

Let’s hope that you don’t have to face any type of patient slowdown, or if you are already facing one, that it will be short. But if you do find yourself in this situation, you can take that newfound time to stay positive and forward-thinking about your practice. Focusing on some marketing education is never a poor use of time.

About the Author Karin Kraska

The principal owner of Forlight Marketing, LLC, Marketing Mastery Coach Karin F. Kraska uses a wealth of experience in both the marketing industry and field of science to help small businesses maximize their marketing efforts. As a certified consultant with Duct Tape Marketing and a certified professional coach through the International Coach Federation, Karin brings innovation and proven marketing strategies as well as passionate coaching to take small businesses step-by-step to the next level of success.

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